Laurel House(Guangzhou)

The Guangzhou Laurel House Project is located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, the PRC. It completed the delivery of all residential units. 

The commercial property "GD•Delin (粤海•得鄰)" of the Guangzhou Laurel House Project has ushered in several leading businesses and brands with distinctive characters that perfectly fit the position and theme of the project, i.e. its core positioning "high-end education-oriented community". As at 30 June 2022, the total GFA of lease contracts signed in respect of the commercial shopping building of the Guangzhou Laurel House Project were approximately 16,855 sq. m. with an occupancy rate of approximately 91.8%.

Completed Properties Held for Sale

Property project Location Use Interest held by the Group Approximate GFA of project
(sq. m.)
Accumulated GFA contracted
(sq. m.)
Approximate GFA delivered The proportion of accumulated GFA delivered to GFA available for sale

First three quarters of 2022
(sq. m.)

(sq. m.)
Guangzhou Laurel House Guangzhou City, the PRC Car-parking spaces 100% 2,764 2,642 814 2,593 93.8%