Chenyuan Road Project

The Chenyuan Road Project is located at the southeast to the intersection of Chenyuan Road and Longteng Road and west to Fengxiang Road in Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, the PRC with a site area of approximately 59,705 sq. m. and a maximum total GFA included in the calculation of the plot ratio of approximately 164,216 sq. m. The proposed types of properties, including residential units, commercial units, and car-parking spaces, will all be for sale. 

Jiangmen is positioned as the western gateway of the Greater Bay Area, with its value remaining at an underestimated level. Subsequent to improvements in the transportation infrastructure across the eastern and western bays, the future development of such area is expected to prosper. The project is situated in a region with high planning position and enjoys strong market prospects, as well as convenient location as a bonus. Possessing rare landscape resources and sound living amenities, the project embraces the conditions in becoming a regional benchmark project.

The project is being developed in phases. As at 30 June 2022, the superstructure of all phases was topped out, construction of the first phase was completed, and the renovation works of the remaining properties were in progress. The pre-sale of properties of the first phase development commenced in January 2021, with the project promoted as Jiangmen One Mansion (江門粤海•壹桂府).

Completed Properties Held for Sale

Property project Location Use Interest held by the Group Approximate GFA of project
(sq. m.)
Accumulated GFA contracted
(sq. m.)
Approximate GFA delivered The proportion of accumulated GFA delivered to GFA available for sale

First three quarters of 2022
(sq. m.)

(sq. m.)
Chenyuan Road Project Jiangmen City,
the PRC
Residential/ Commercial 100% 164,216 63,58538,835 38,835 23.6%
Chenyuan Road ProjectJiangmen City,
the PRC
Car-parking spaces100%41,834----