Foshan Laurel House Project

The Foshan Laurel House Project is located at west to Wenhua Road, south to Liming 2nd Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, the PRC with a site area of approximately 43,284 sq. m. and a maximum total GFA included in the calculation of the plot ratio of approximately 151,493 sq. m. The project is planned for residential use compatible with commercial use. In addition, a nursery with area of 4,860 sq. m. is entrusted to be built with the project and gratuitously transferred to the government of Chancheng District, Foshan City upon completion.

The project is positioned as a modern, top-notch and strong central of Foshan City, which is a place ideal for living, starting business and fostering innovation. Surrounded by two metro networks, its transportation is much convenient. Together with the well-established education, medical and commercial amenities nearby, the project has the advantages to be forged into an above-twin stations residential community featuring quality lifestyle. With the significant advantage in terms of location resources, the project enjoys promising market prospects.

The project is being developed in phases. As at 30 June 2022, the superstructure of each phase of the properties was under construction. The filing for completion of construction of the whole project is expected to be made in 2023. The pre-sale of properties of the first phase development commenced in October 2021, with the project promoted as Foshan Laurel House (佛山粤海•拾桂府).

Properties Held for Sale under Development

Property project Location Use Interest held by the Group Approximate total site area
(sq. m.)
Approximate GFA
included in calculation of plot ratio*
(sq. m.)
Progress Expected completion and filing date
Foshan Laurel House Project Foshan City, the PRC Residential/ Commercial 100% 43,284 151,493Superstructure construction works of each phase of the properties in progress 2023
* Note: Including the project's common area and area transfer to the government.

Properties Held for Sale under Development which Pre-sale has Commenced

Property projectLocationUseInterest held by the GroupApproximate GFA
available for sale
(sq. m.)
Approximate GFA contractedThe proportion of accumulated GFA contracted to GFA available for saleDate of pre-sale
First three quarters of 2022
(sq. m.)
(sq. m.)
Foshan Laurel House ProjectFoshan City, the PRCResidential/ Commercial100%91,55022,09025,39127.7%October 2021